Committed to the highest standards

A strong culture of integrity, ethical behavior, responsibility, and compliance

Ethics and Compliance

A Message from Our CEO

At NeoGames, we are committed to responsible and ethical conduct; it’s part of our DNA as a company. As pioneers and market leaders in our industry, we set the standards not only by pushing the boundaries and reaching new heights, but also by being attentive to our stakeholders. We recognize that strong relationships based on integrity are the foundation for sustainable, long-term value. At the end of the day, it is not only what we do but also how we do it.

Responsible Gaming

We are committed to presenting all Neogames products in the most responsible and ethical manner. This includes provisions for employee assistance and training, the provision of casino games including online sports betting, and the advertising and marketing of casino gambling including sports betting.


Our values are an essential and integral part of the way we operate. They are the compass that guides us in every decision that we make – big or small – and in every action that we take. Our values serve as the foundation of everything we do, as individuals and as a company.

Code of Conduct

At NeoGames, we always say that business is conducted between companies, but trust is built between people. Our Code of Conduct conveys the values and organizational culture that NeoGames employees must adhere to so that we can create a trust that is built to last with our customers, business partners, and within NeoGames. It serves as an everyday reminder that our actions have consequences.


We are fully committed to the highest standards of security, and especially so due to the nature of our business. From planning our solutions through deployment and implementation, working alongside our customers towards success – we take a proactive approach towards security. There is nothing more important to us than protecting our customers’ – and their customers’ – most valuable assets and information.

Whistleblower policy

NeoGames is committed to responsible and ethical conduct and encourages the reporting of conduct or behaviours that are unlawful, unethical, or improper. To support this commitment, the Whistleblower Policy has been designed to support and protect individuals who report a concern.

Whistleblower portal

Disclosers are strongly encouraged to take due care and exhaust internal escalation channels (EthicsPoint or internal Eligible Recipient), prior to communicating information regarding a disclosure externally. In particular, the discloser should strongly consider making a disclosure to Aristocrat in accordance with this Policy before communicating the matter to external parties, including the media or regulatory body. Disclosures about suspected Reportable Conduct can be made through Aristocrat’s Whistleblower Program, which can be accessed either through the dedicated EthicsPoint Hotline or EthicsPoint Web Intake Site, which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. EthicsPoint is a confidential, independent communication program provided by NAVEX Global, a third[1]party ethics and compliance specialist, contracted by Aristocrat.

US: 1-877-247-3532
Canada: 1-877-247-3532 (French Canadian)
Ukraine: 1-877-247-3532 (Ukrainian)
Israel: 1-809-317-130
Other: 1-877-247-3532

Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy

NeoGames is, committed to complying with all applicable anti-corruption laws, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.K. Bribery Act 2010, Article V of the Penal Law of Israel and the laws of the countries in which we do business, and to act ethically in all our business dealings.

Board diversity

Transparency is at the heart of our commitment to continuous improvement. While we acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion, we also recognize the need for growth in certain areas. At NeoGAmes, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that values and embraces diversity in all its forms.