3-2-1 Draw!

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Number Match
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Game Overview

321 Draw is a multi-ticket bingo-themed instant-draw game that packs in the fun, elegantly and simply.

Colorful and easy to play, 321 Draw is a fresh take on the ever-in-fashion lottery games. Players, possessing the countdown controls right in their hands, match the numbers that appear on their tickets with 6 that are drawn, all categorized by charming colors: 3 Blue, 2 Yellow, and 1 Red.

With a special system for handing out rewards, there are 17 different winning combinations possible on every ticket, with a match of 6 to win the largest prize. 321 Draw is lively simplicity wrapped around hefty potential prizes. With so much on offer to appeal to players, it is easy to see why 321 Draw is becoming a very colorful online casino classic.

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Target Audience

  • Draw Games players
  • Keno players
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Launch Date

February, 2020

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