Blackjack Doubler

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Beat the Dealer
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Game Overview

Blackjack Doubler is a multi-ticket eInstant casino game based, as its name implies, on the well-loved card game Blackjack. Just as in the standard game, players aim for a higher hand than that of the dealer.

Blackjack – a hand that equals 21 – is the ultimate and lucrative goal: In Blackjack Doubler, Blackjack doubles the prize amount. With several prize-packing twists including exhilarating Bonus Rounds triggered by two Golden Cards, every game offers up to 12 chances to top the dealer’s hand – and win. Dealing out excitement with every single hand, Blackjack Doubler is at least twice as thrilling as so many other standard casino games.

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Target Audience

  • Card players
  • Bonus round chasers
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Launch Date

September, 2017

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