Cash Avenue

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Play Style

Key Number Match
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Game Overview

Cash Avenue is a fresh look at Neogames’ instant games! With a jade-colored cityscape board game theme (our first!), the game has an engaging look coupled with simple-but-exciting gameplay. Players, who win by matching numbers, will find a huge variety of surprises.

Cash Avenue is ripe with special features and prize-inducing extras such as Hardhats that unlock the Highrise bonus game, Briefcases that uncover the Cash Case minigame, and a special feature train whose cars are brimming with goodies. What’s more: second chance features abound, enticing and feeling all the more like a real board game.

With its rich and freshly flavored backdrop and full assortment of winning prizes, Cash Avenue will please Instant Game players and those who enjoy games with a lively, familiar feel.

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Target Audience

  • Casual players
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Launch Date

January, 2021

Themes & Features