Love Struck

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Game Category

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Play Style

Match 3+ Symbols
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Game Overview

Whether you’re love struck or struck out at love, Love Stuck is the game to play.

Love Struck is a romantic-themed eInstant game based on the Match 3+ symbols play style. Featuring two spiraling paths of symbols, players form a line of 3 or more matching symbols to remove them from the grid and win. Love and romance are in the air as players make their matches and advance to unlock the Moonlit bonus game.

Set in a dreamy romantic surrounding, Love Struck is the perfect game for those who are passionate about playing, with prizes waiting for perfect symbol matches, unlocking hearts, and a moonlit bonus game with guaranteed rewards.

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Target Audience

  • Bonus round chasers
  • Queen of Diamonds players
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Launch Date

February, 2021

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