Queen of Diamonds

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Game Overview

Queen of Diamonds is a popular eInstant online game with a playing card theme, and a key figure in the much-loved Royal Family.

With up to 18 tickets, players aim to uncover cards that deliver cash rewards and open bonus games, with bonuses offering greater rewards. The Queen of Diamonds herself grants the prize shown while the Joker uncorks the eponymous Joker Bonus, a fan favorite.

The War Bonus, which is uncovered by revealing 3 Gold cards, lands the player in a 20-game battle of high-low against the Queen. More prizes are definitely possible here, and a novel game mechanic adds tantalizing interest.

Queen of Diamonds offers a rich card theme and exciting bonuses, on target to especially appeal to players who are on the hunt for exciting bonus games.

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Target Audience

  • Card players
  • Bonus round chasers
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Launch Date

July, 2016

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