Quick 6

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Instant Draw, Number Match
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Game Overview

Quick 6 is a lottery-inspired instant draw game with a huge potential payout – to the tune of $250,000 – and the chance to play up to 10 tickets at a time!

Ideal for lottery players and those who enjoy the simple, uncomplicated thrill of number games like bingo and keno, Quick 6 is all about the match. Matching just a single bonus number, the balls in green, pays out, while truly life-changing prizes are awarded for matching all five blue balls plus the bonus. Selecting from the 75 blues and 15 bonus greens gives players a chance to play their favorites, while hitting the RANDOM button adds a greater touch of mystery to the gameplay.

Quick 6 delivers an easy-to-play on-demand lottery experience with humongous wins and the chance to choose favorite numbers, a super draw for Draw Game Players and those who like to go all in for Multi-Ticket Bonus Rounds.

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Target Audience

The main audience to direct marketing materials at for Enchanted Winnings are Online Instant Game players.

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Launch Date

November, 2016

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