Steampunk Treasures

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Game Category

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Play Style

Match 3 Amounts
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Game Overview

Steampunk Treasures is a single ticket game loaded with cool equally simple visuals. With a retro-futuristic vibe, Steampunk Treasures takes players under the sea on a steam-powered submarine ride where matching prize amounts is all the matters.

Based on a Match 3 mechanic, which is also used in the popular Robo Cash, players win when matching 3 prize amounts out of 9, and prizes are multiplied automatically up to 10x! Full of steampunk icons like nifty mechanical chests and whooshing gadgets and gizmos, Steampunk Treasures is destined to be a favorite of players who enjoy simple gameplay, techy, futuristic symbols, and the chance to reveal big prizes.

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Target Audience

  • Scratch card players
  • Casual players
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Launch Date

October, 2020

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