Optimize your eInstant games portfolio in four, three, two, one…

The key ingredients that will keep your players entertained and provide the Wow factor in your eInstant games

“Are you not entertained!” - Maximus Decimus Meridius

As an iLottery, it’s your job to keep the online player entertained. To keep them playing and excited about what you have on offer. To increase engagement, reduce burn, and keep them coming back for more. So, how do you do it? What’s the secret sauce that you should be pouring over your tasty online treats to keep your players stimulated and enthralled? It’s a mix of four simple things that make eInstant games dynamic, fun, innovative and accessible – diversity, targeting, design, and localization.

Four… Diversification

A diversified portfolio is a solid strategy as it can drive growth and increase the likelihood of a player staying active for longer. There’s a direct connection between the number of games someone plays during the first weeks of joining an iLottery program and how often they come back to play.
So, unlock engagement with the diversity key. Keep players entertained with a portfolio that catches the fancy of all types of players and preferences. This is a multi-level process that isn’t just about variety, but all about optimization and paying attention.

Three... Localization

Success is about paying attention to the specific needs and requirements of your market. A localized portfolio is key to this success and hitting the hot buttons (literally) means focusing on regulations; themes and culture; names and language; and omnichannel games and promotions.

  1. You need to know what local regulations allow. These cover anything from guidelines for price denominations to multi-ticket variations, to using specific symbols. In this instance, you need to focus on maximizing what you can do within these guidelines – not what you can’t do. Don’t give up on a top performer just because it doesn’t meet regulations – adapt it.
  2. Themes and culture need conscious attention. Be aware of how different themes and symbols have different cultural contexts and adapt your games accordingly. This can make a huge difference to engagement.
  3. Name and language customization are essential. This is about taking the local style into account and adapting language and context throughout the game. Make it real. Make it relevant.
  4. Omnichannel games and promotions are your revolving door between retail and online channels. Introduce relevant promotions that unlock online play features or give players retail coupons that keep them committed. These are really effective ways of driving long-term play.

The importance of localization is displayed above in the game Lucky Charms. For these two markets, not only has the game name been translated but the symbols and elements used in the game have been adapted to the local cultures.

Two... Targeting

The road to long-term revenue generation is driven by those who focus on different targets and cover every market segment with a dynamic variety of games. You want to catch that new player’s attention and you want to build a relationship with them, so that they stay with you. Do this by:

  1. Driving conversion with games that draw players to your eInstant games portfolio through other segments. As you use this clever tactic, pay attention to which games have a better success rate.
  2. Making that holiday count. Getting that event in play. Your online channel is perfect for short-term pop-up games designed to boost sales during holiday seasons or events. Leap at the Olympics, jump at the Superbowl, and launch several games at once so that your audience has plenty of fun to choose from.
  3. Getting sticky with your games. Use games with built-in stickiness to provide that elusive thrill that keeps players engaged for longer periods. Just remember, not all games suit different segments, so don’t forget to mix it up.

One... Design

The last ingredient for your secret sauce has three unique flavors of its own – themes, mechanics and mathematics.

  1. Find the themes that your audience loves and include them in other forms of gaming and entertainment. Mix them up, keep them fresh, and hold onto your players.
  2. Make the mechanics work for you and your players. Matching symbols, revealing boxes, unlocking bonus rounds, collecting figures – these are the little treats that keep the player playing, so use them.
  3. Mathematics is the clever stuff; the magic numbers that sit behind the thrill factors, the bonus rounds, and the fun. It’s math that makes long-term engagement exciting, so hit the mathematical turbo.

The success of the game Magic Winnings can be attributed to its design – a combination of the art, mechanics and unique mathematical model keeps players highly engaged.

And mix...

As an online lottery operator, optimizing your gaming portfolio isn’t just about size and diversity; it’s all about people and personalization and the magic of variety and country and culture. Use these different factors to create the Wow in your eInstant games and ensure that they do what they are supposed to do – Entertain!

At NeoGames, our studio produces premium interactive games that enable lotteries around the world to optimize their eInstant games portfolio, ultimately allowing them to keep their players constantly entertained. Visit our games page to check out some of our top performing games.

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