Social Media Campaign Significantly Boosts Lottery Revenues

Facebook promotion leveraging strong interest in jackpots creates groundswell of new depositors

Scope of Success

  • Surge of New Depositors: Direct acquisition from Facebook rose significantly on both Web and mobile platforms, accounting for more than 13% of all new depositors during the campaign period.
  • Bumper Crop of Registrations: There were more than 11,000 new registrations in the target period.
  • High Conversion Rate: Well over 5,000 of the new registrations became depositors, for an excellent conversion rate of 47%.
  • Generous Return on Investment: The campaign’s low cost per acquisition of new players resulted in an ROI of more than 11%.

Success Drivers

  • Strong Message: Messaging focused on a proven trigger: big jackpots
  • Savvy Marketing: Campaign ran on highly viewed personal main news feeds
  • Fine Tuning: Campaign utilized advanced methodology such as demographic targeting, lookalike and retargeting techniques

Social media marketing boosts lottery revenues

With Twitter boasting of more than 315 million users and Facebook active users exceeding the 1.65 billion milestone; the potential power and reach of social media marketing can hardly be overstated.

Consider, for example the successful use made of Twitter both during and after election campaigns by candidates such as US President Donald Trump, whose every tweet significantly impacts his 20+ million followers and beyond.

Neogames social media-savvy marketing campaigns give lotteries innovative tools to leverage the incomparable reach of social media to connect with existing and potential customers in ways that significantly boost customer acquisition and player value.

Methodology: boosting engagement beyond big jackpots

One recent Neogames social media campaign that registered solid success was carried out for a North American lottery from May to July 2016. The Facebook promotion focused on leveraging the high interest in large jackpots in the popular Mega Millions and Power Ball draw-based games. (Messages about large jackpots are historically more effective and have lower cost per acquisition than general Buy Online messaging.)

“Jackpot Alerts” were strategically placed on individuals’ main Facebook news feeds (the popular feature that displays the most interesting, recent activity of friends and others – personalized to each user) to call attention to large jackpots worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The messages encouraged viewers to learn more and even participate with a single click:

Facebook ads alerting viewers of large jackpots with action buttons

Success highlights: gaining of first-time depositors

The promotion was rewarded with a strongly positive response from the public. Direct acquisition from Facebook was evidenced by a steep rise on both the Web and mobile platforms, accounting for more than 13% of all new depositors during the campaign period. The campaign demonstrated effective use of demographic targeting, lookalike and retargeting techniques to achieve an attractively low cost per acquisition of new depositors.

In total, more than 11,000 registrations were recorded from Facebook during the campaign, with well more than 5,000 of them converting to become first-time depositors. The conversion rate of 47% during this period from Facebook translated into a strongly positive return on investment of more than 11% using the industry-standard one-year prediction model.

A significant number of the new depositors continued to play jackpots and moreover, encouraged by follow-up promotions, many of them became players of other lottery products, such as instants, thereby further boosting their lifetime player value.

Drawing conclusions: hitting the jackpot for player acquisition and value

Public interest in drawings heightens during jackpot peaks and conversion rates increase as much as five-fold – from 1 to 5%. Because jackpots can escalate quickly to astronomical levels, we recommend lottery readiness to go live with Neogames jackpot marketing kits, which can include Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Web page takeovers with banners, pop ups and emails to deliver a message that is clarion clear: “Jackpot Alert – Buy Online Now!”

Additional examples:

As demonstrated above, Facebook has proven to be an effective channel for delivering messages that result in a meaningful rise in customer acquisition. The lottery’s active player base of drawing games expanded significantly, providing meaningful short- as well as long-term gains for the lottery.

Neogames also recommends its marketing packages that successfully leverage Twitter, SMS and more. Contact us for further data and information.

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