How AI can assist iLotteries to achieve their goals

Our EVP Technologies, Aditya Bhushan, talks all about AI for iLotteries in a feature article for PGRI Public Gaming magazine

The iLottery industry has traditionally relied on human expertize to analyze player data and produce meaningful, actionable insights. More recently, artificial intelligence (AI) systems have automated this process more powerfully than ever before, with every model built on millions of data points. Accessing the largest and most unique data sets allows NeoGames to implement cutting-edge AI and data science solutions for its lottery customers. The benefits of this approach are manifold. AI can help to identify potentially problematic player behaviors at an early stage, creating a safety net for those who show warning signs of being at risk. In terms of the customer experience, AI can also help deliver highly personalized experiences, putting types of content in front of them that will engage and entertain within a safe, secure environment.

Responsible gambling to the fore

A sufficiently advanced technology platform delivering iLottery solutions can implement AI solutions to monitor and analyze behavior patterns and potentially set customized deposit limits, fully customizable to the needs of each lottery, with NeoGames possessing the ability to implement these varied parameters.

Within this proactive approach, lotteries can intervene and provide targeted responsible gambling practices via pop-ups, email, and other forms of communications suggesting time limits, or self-exclusion options.

Expert fraud detection

Fraud comes in many forms, and AI can greatly minimize risk for lotteries by utilizing a high number of data points, including the use of specific payment methods and the level of RTP of games played by those seeking to defraud. In looking at such evidence, advanced AI systems can act as an early warning sign for lotteries. NeoGames, can flag potentially fraudulent activity such as chargebacks with a high strike rate.

Providing tailored experiences

Consumers gravitate towards familiarity when consuming entertainment. Netflix is a prime example of this, utilizing a user’s previous views to create a tailored library of appropriate content suggestions. We have found that AI can perform a similar function for lotteries, shaping in-game experiences to cater to the preferences of the player segment and curating personalized lobbies, while also issuing customized bonus types for retention.

These bonuses can be matched up to the expected life cycle of any given segment, with churn predictions playing a role in the level of player offers. Through the judicial implementation of AI systems, lotteries can break down existing segmentation definitions that allow lotteries to re-define segments with a higher degree of flexibility, accuracy, and relevancy.

iLotteries place a great emphasis on smooth operations, and NeoGames can assist in easing this burden, minimizing many pain points for operators by automating tasks. This can save time and money for lottery operators, making the overall process more efficient and contributing to player trust in distributing prizes quickly.

Delivering outstanding communication

Centralized Data Platforms have been effective in delivering greater engagement with audiences through real-time communications. With AI enriching these solutions, brand relationships could be enhanced with each player, enabling targeted campaigns based on past preferences.

Timely interventions can potentially make a significant difference to the lifetime value of a player. Once they leave a platform, they may not return for a considerable period of time, if ever. Take the example of trying to cancel an online service: customers are immediately offered reduced costs to keep their subscription, and online gaming and iLottery brands can act in a similar way by offering engagement incentives at opportune moments within user journeys.

For any iLottery operator, providing excellent customer service is major goal. Integrating AI into customer service processes may provide a great deal of value, enhancing brand reputation with players who want queries addressed swiftly and expertly.

In offering advanced solutions across personalized experiences, while protecting players from harm and lotteries from fraudulent activity, AI systems provide timely and crucial interventions along the player journey while using a fraction of the resources compared to previous methodologies. This advanced technology is fast-becoming essential across a wide range of online sectors and for lotteries, the benefits are already apparent, with operators able to achieve their goal of maximizing their proceeds to give back to their local communities.

This article was originally featured in PGRI magazine. To go to the article, click here.

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