When Retail Meets Online | Enhancing the Player Experience Through Omnichannel Delivery

In a feature article in La Fleur's magazine, Our VP Product, Ohad Shlomoff, explains how a comprehensive approach to omnichannel delivery can help lotteries generate consistent growth

The world of lottery can be categorized as one of broad synergies, where different channels can co-exist for the benefit of all stakeholders.

When developed as an advanced solution that is part of a broader omnichannel strategy, digital delivery of the best iLottery solutions on the market can contribute significantly to the overall value chain for the benefit of everyone: retailers, lotteries and, crucially, players.

The pandemic helped to show the clear value of iLottery. With many retail establishments forced to close their doors on the grounds of public health, providers and operators quickly learned the benefits of digital solutions with which to serve their customers. It proved to be a transformational period for our industry.

The best iLottery solutions on the market can help to bring in a new demographic of player who, in being accustomed to digital entertainment products through their mobile or desktop device, would naturally be attracted to a fresh way of playing that provides on-the-go fun within a safe and regulated environment. Thus, the overall audience pool is expanded.

When premium digital products are allied to an overarching omnichannel strategy, the benefit is also felt in retail through higher traffic. For lotteries, omnichannel solutions have the potential to shorten and optimize customer-related processes, with prize claims being a key example. They also help to cut logistical expenses and can even present a positive contribution to the environment in terms of a reduced carbon footprint by reducing player journeys by car to their local retail shop. Omnichannel solutions also make life easier for players, providing them with additional options for interaction with lottery products, a seamless and superior user experience and improved availability.

These ideas regarding the added value to the industry that iLottery brings with it are not simply theories, either, but business realities with a positive revenue impact that NeoGames has seen play out time and again.

Successful Innovation

NeoGames’ recent work in the area of omnichannel innovations includes integrations enabling eWallet Funding at point-of-sale, with online game cards enabling players to fund their iLottery wallets. We have also delivered eWallet Cashout, which enables players to withdraw online wins in cash, also at point-of-sale. Since this feature launched for one of our customers, the Michigan Lottery, four years ago, a total of $23,961,488 has been withdrawn by customers, across 243,409 vouchers and with an average cash value of $98.

A more recent omnichannel innovation has also had an impact for another customer, the Virginia Lottery. Mobile Ticket Cashing allows players to deposit wins from retail tickets into their online account and in the four months since introduction to the market, the value of this solution for players, retailers and lottery alike is borne out by the statistics. The total amount claimed by players through this method total more than $5.3 million with nearly 35,000 players utilizing the method on more than 315,000 occasions.

Other omnichannel solutions NeoGames has delivered include Online-Offline Cross-Promotion. This sees players handed a bonus code for online play when purchasing a scratch card, or conversely gaining a retail coupon when completing an online task such as a registration or deposit. Ultimately, the reality is that no lottery can afford to disregard the potential of omnichannel solutions. Increasingly popular with a wider-then-ever range of players, the dovetailing of online and retail channels serve to increase overall revenues, providing fresh new ways to interact with lottery products and services for the benefit of everyone.

Delivering Synergies

At NeoGames, we are fully committed to offering the most comprehensive omnichannel solution on the market. We place the player at the heart of our strategic thinking, linking them to both retail and online channels through the application of advanced technologies.

While truly enhancing the player journey in a way that delivers value to both their experience and the lottery, NeoGames is also committed to supporting the synergy of retail and online channels and their mutual growth, side-by-side.

Our comprehensive approach to omnichannel delivery has helped our lottery customers generate consistent growth and increased revenues from their interactive business, while nurturing a new generation of lottery players.

As more states are coming to realize, this adds up to a picture of stability and success.

By taking a holistic approach to lottery provision, we look beyond technology to create player journeys that deliver mutual benefit and value. Working in tandem with lotteries to develop and deploy refined, tailored solutions, our aim is to serve the interests of every stakeholder while delivering the highest possible value to each.

This article was originally featured in La Fleur’s. To go to the article, click here.

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